Create a visual impact for success.

Rebecca Design Works is run by a classically trained technical artist,
trained to draw paint and design in all mediums.

We offer you a superb high caliber image making service providing continuity between materials and mediums, either for web, print, backdrops, drawings or paintings.

We offer very reasonable pricing and look forward to creating something original, unique and visually stunning that you can be truly happy with.

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The more specific you are, the more specific we can be with a quote
and when we can have it ready.

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What is the "feeling" you wish to convey with the artwork?
(ie: professional, folksy, moody, cartoony, historical, etc)

We do:

• Design
• Original Drawings
• Art for CD covers
• CD Booklet Design
• Art for Press Materials
• Band Logo
• Bussiness Cards
• Art for Website
• Website Design
• Stained Glass Portraits
• Stage Banners or Videos
• Original Painting
• PDFs for press download


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